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Look out NFC, here come the 49ers

The second half run is underway

Everything happening with the team that you need to know in around five minutes

For at least one night, everything looked exactly the way we think it’s supposed to look. The offense attacked the defense from the air and the ground. Christian McCaffrey chewed up yards from scrimmage. Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle all scored at least one touchdown. That’s what a win against a bad team is supposed to be like.

After the game, Kyle Shanahan addressed the team in the locker room.

“Guys, hell of a job today, man. Three weeks in a row, as good of three team wins in a row as we’ve had. All three phases, everyone dominated today. We felt it all week. I said it to you guys before, we said it last night, we were feeling you guys, man. We knew we had the opportunity to play like this - man you guys didn’t disappoint.”

This was a statement game for the 49ers. A statement not only to the rest of the NFL, but also to themselves. There had been a lot of talk about the team making a second half run like last year, and eliminating the mistakes, but talk is cheap. For the past three weeks, the 49ers have talked the talk and walked the walked to the tune of a 6-4 record and a perfect 4-0 in the NFC West.

That second half run isn’t just theoretical anymore. It has begun. Once again, a victory over the Rams has served as a spring board to success. Including the win over Sean McVay’s bunch, the Niners have won five of their last seven games and now sit at third in the NFC.

I’ll say it here because you’re going to hear it a lot today on the national airwaves: The 49ers are the team that no one wants to face right now.


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