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Shanaplan: Is Jimmy Garoppolo a Pro Bowl QB?

It depends on which metrics you value/use...

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Nobody will pretend that the Pro Bowl hasn’t lost its luster. Players opt out left and right, and the game is unwatchable. Still, it means something to the individual from a recognition or bonus perspective.

This year in the NFC, quarterback play is sporadic and underwhelming. If I told you in August that Aaron Rodgers would have thrown for the most touchdown passes, you’d believe me. But if I said he’d be followed by Geno Smith, Jalen Hurts, and Jared Goff, you’d call me crazy.

Tied with Goff for touchdown passes is our beloved Jimmy Garoppolo. The oft-scrutinized quarterback is playing some of the best ball of his career. Still, there are plays and instances that make it difficult to ignore:

JT O’Sullivan has quickly become the internet’s go-to source for quarterbacks. And, to be clear, he heaped plenty of praise on Garoppolo.

During today’s episode of The Shanaplan, we discussed whether Jimmy had done enough to warrant a Pro Bowl selection. Knowing the 49ers face a relatively easy schedule of passing defenses for the remainder of the season, Garoppolo will be in a position to put up numbers. But will that be enough?

If the team keeps winning, the simple answer is “yes.” To me, the stat that aids Jimmy the best is his adjusted net yards per pass attempt. That docks you for taking sacks and credits the quarterback for explosive passing plays. Garoppolo is third in the NFL, behind Tua Tagovalioa and this Patrick Mahomes fella.

The 49ers' signal-caller is taking care of the ball, as evidenced by his career-low 1.5% interception rate and keeping the offense on schedule. And, as we saw Monday night when the play does break down, he’s extending plays and finding receivers.

Sports Info Solutions has a “total points earned” stat I often reference that gives an idea of how the player is playing. Shockingly, they have Garoppolo as the 12th-rated NFC quarterback this year. Of course, players like Daniel Jones, Hurts, Justin Fields, and Kyler Murray get propped up for adding value with their legs. It is still astonishing to see Jimmy ranked in front of two quarterbacks benched Wednesday in, Zach Wilson and Davis Mills.

You can listen to our conversation below to hear where we stand on Garoppolo being a Pro Bowler.