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The 3 best prop bets for 49ers/Saints on Sunday: Believe in the offense

Let’s make things a little more interesting

If you were looking to make Sunday’s game a little more interesting, Michelle Magdziuk and I packed today’s Gold Digger’s podcast with tons of gambling and fantasy advice. If you don’t know, Michelle is a researcher for the NFL Network and writes for So here are three of the best bets you can make in the 49ers game this week.

49ers over 26.5 points scored

The Saints are allowing the eighth-most points in the NFL this year despite a slew of bad offenses on their schedule. Despite that, however, they’ve allowed at least 20 points against everyone except the Raiders this season.

If the 49ers genuinely are as good an offense as we think, they should easily hit this over. Since Christian McCaffrey arrived, they’ve averaged 28.5 points per game, 55% conversions on third down, and almost 400 yards per game of total offense.

Michelle also predicted a defensive touchdown from Talanoa Hufanga this week as well, if that makes you feel any better.

Brandon Aiyuk over 53.5 receiving yards

Don’t be fooled by last week’s low reception total - Aiyuk is still the number one target in the passing game. The Cardinals couldn’t handle tight ends and running backs, so that’s where Kyle attacked. This week, the opponent’s weakness is wide receivers.

The Saints have allowed 13 different receivers to hit 60+ receiving yards against them this year, and they’re allowing the sixth most yards to receivers aligned out wide. No one runs more routes out wide on the 49ers than Brandon Aiyuk, so you should feel good about this one.

George Kittle under 46.5 receiving yards

Kittle exploded last week, for sure, but the Cardinals were particularly weak against tight ends. That is definitely not the case this week. The Saints are allowing the third-fewest receiving yards to tight ends this year, and only one tight end has hit this over against them in 2022.

New Orleans knows how to shut down tight ends, and Kyle Shanahan has shown no inclination to force the ball to any particular player on offense. Case in point, George has gone over this mark in just half of his eight games played this year.

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