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Golden Nuggets: Game day!!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Why Papa is concerned about 49ers’ game against Saints

“But this game, it is a short week. You got back at the crack of dawn Tuesday. It was a long day of travel. Wednesday’s practice ... I don’t know how much they’re going to do other than a walkthrough. And then yeah, Thanksgiving. So what are you going to do on Thursday? That’s your beefy day of practice but it’s Thanksgiving. So this game does concern me.”

Barrows: Rating the 49ers who are most deserving of Pro Bowl nods (paywall)

“On one, in fact, [Trent Williams] takes out two Cardinals defensive backs, including one of the best safeties in the game, Budda Baker. Was that the first time he’s blocked two little guys on the same play? “No, I’ve done that before,” said Williams, though he added he usually slows one and blocks the other. Taking down two on the same snap, he said, was rare.”

49ers-Saints: Kyle Shanahan provides details on Deebo Samuel’s injury

“He didn’t feel it much on Tuesday,” Shanahan continued. “Got the information on Wednesday, and then we were safe about it.”

Five 49ers to watch against Saints in Week 12 showdown

“This likely won’t be the 48-46 thriller of 2019 when each team’s offense went toe-to-toe for the entire 60-minute ride, but it does have some very interesting matchups on deck that will be worth watching.”

49ers Notebook: John Lynch on what Christian McCaffrey adds, surprising O-line play

“Lynch shared the story of Steve Young, who traveled back to the Bay Area with the team following the game in Mexico City, speaking to the general manager and praising Williams. Young noted that he doesn’t think he’s seen an offensive lineman play at that level.”