Being behind a school bus sucks

Yeah yeah... "think of the children"... bah. I rode a school bus back in the day, and we were smart enough to not go running across the street like heathens.

But now? Every. Single. Time. The. School. Bus. Stops... they have to put out a little stop sign and nobody on either side of the road can keep going. Yeah. Fun. I sure like having to stop 420 times to go 5 miles.

Hey asshole school bus driver... how about after the kids are unloaded you stay there on the side of the road and let the 42 cars backed up behind you go by before you resume?!? Ugh!

But yeah, whatever. SAFETY FIRST blah blah... haha

So the GF literally just a few days ago finally got over the final stages of her Covid. She never once lost her sense of smell, which definitely put the onus on me to shower more often. I was kinda hoping I'd get a reprieve from that, but no... she could still smell how rank I was when I decided "a day or two won't matter."

No new gopher mounds... no new mole tunnels... and no new skunk holes dug. Good times on the varmint front!

Steve Chavez totally rooked me on my 4 points in the last prediction contest. Just sayin'. haha

I love a bye week for the 49ers, cause there's no pressure or worry... and one assumes (HAHAHAHA) that the team will get healthier and everything will be right as rain afterwards (HAHAHAHA)...

Maybe this is the one bye week that it actually will?

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