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Golden Nuggets: We interrupt your bye week with a fresh Tom Brady rumor

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, November 5th, 2022

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Which teams should 49ers fans root for in Week 9?

“Atlanta leads the NFC South at 4-4, but if they get pushed off the top of their division they’ll be right in the thick of one of the wild card spots San Francisco may wind up chasing.”

Examining how 49ers will pay Christian McCaffrey and replenish draft picks (paywall)

“But even with that relatively sizable haul, the 49ers no longer have any premium picks in this draft — and it’s worth emphasizing that their first compensatory selections won’t come until the end of the third round. And that’s why Lynch convened the team’s scouting department on the day that McCaffrey was introduced.”

PFF’s highest- and lowest-graded 49ers players through first 8 games

“With eight games in the books, and the 49ers sitting with a 4-4 record, let’s look at Pro Football Focus’ highest- and lowest-graded players on offense and defense.”

Steve Mariucci expects strong finish to 2022 season for 49ers

“It’s all about the usage of Christian McCaffrey,” Mariucci explained. “If he can stay healthy—he’s had some great years when he’s playing all 16 games, but then he’s missed [several games] over the last couple of years. ... if he plays and he’s healthy, and he has been—this is really a good year for him—I can see some consistency with both sides of the ball because not only is he a good pass receiver ... if he can get 15 to 20 rushes a game, and control the ball, make first downs, that makes your defense better too. They’re off the field, and it makes all your play-action passes better for [quarterback] Jimmy [Garoppolo].”