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Deebo Samuel’s reaction to the 49ers first contract offer: “Damn, that’s a lotta chicken!”

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A lot was made of the 49ers’ first contract offer to Deebo Samuel back in the offseason when it looked like he might not be back with the team. Now, we know Samuel himself certainly wasn’t upset with what he saw.

In a multi-part feature on YouTube, Samuel saw the 49ers’ first contract offer and explained the first thing that went through his head when he saw the actual numbers: “Damn, that’s a lotta chicken!”

Initially reported as $19 million per year, the offer definitely didn’t insult Team Samuel. Tory Dandy, Samuel’s agent, actually told his client, “I actually was kind of anticipating them being a little lower. Because sometimes teams want to do that and creep their way up throughout negotiations.”

Deebo later added, “I’ve never seen those kind of numbers in my life. Especially with my name right beside them.” Sometimes we become desensitized to just how much money elite professional athletes really make. As fans we’re wired to put contract terms in the context of other elite players at the position, but we sometimes forget that $20 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money.

One more interesting nugget from the feature. Samuel said there was a specific reason he wanted the contract done sooner. “Not spending a lot of time with Trey [Lance] this past summer, I kind of wanted it done then but everything doesn’t work out in your favor.”

Everything eventually did work out, of course, and now both sides are totally focused on winning a sixth Super Bowl championship for the 49ers.

Deebo Samuel doesn’t do a ton of interviews, but keep an eye out for more. You never know where he may pop up next.

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