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NFC West recap heading into Week 10: It’s a 2-team race

Just as we predicted before the season started

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Say it with me now. The Seahawks are for real. Consider this season Pete Carroll’s magnum opus. The NFC West is truly a two-team race. Time is a flat circle. It will boil down to Seattle and San Francisco. TNF in Seattle is now the game to circle for the 49ers.

Seattle Seahawks - 6-3, @ Tampa Bay (Munich), BYE, vs. Raiders

Here we are. The Seahawks have scored 27 plus points in three straight games with two over 30 points. I hate to say it, but the consistency shown over nine weeks isn’t going anywhere. The remaining schedule for Seattle has three formidable opponents. The 49ers, Chiefs, and Jets.

49ers fans should root hard for the Buccaneers early Sunday morning. Tampa Bay is more than capable of beating Seattle, but the confidence for them to deliver isn’t high.

The scariest thing about this Seattle team is how they knocked their draft out of the park. They aren’t going anywhere.

San Francisco 49ers - 4-4, vs. Chargers (SNF), @ Cardinals (Mexico City), vs. Saints

The bye week was good for the 49ers. Two divisional opponents fell further from contention, impact players are returning from injury, and the schedule going forward looks better. Now, the Chargers come to town boasting one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Sounds like a recipe for success for Kyle Shanahan and his shiny new toy, Christian McCaffrey.

Los Angeles Rams - 3-5, vs. Cardinals, @ Saints, @ Chiefs

The frustration has boiled over for the Rams. Their defense was sharp for nearly the entire game against Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the final stop. Jalen Ramsey pointed directly at the Rams’ struggling offense for this loss. He’s not wrong. It’s the same song and dance every week with this group. Poor offensive line play, no semblance of a consistent running game, and no secondary playmaker after Cooper Kupp.

Visiting the Cardinals should get the Rams back in the win column. It won’t be easy, as Matthew Stafford is in the concussion protocol. Speaking of the Cardinals...

Arizona Cardinals - 3-6, @ Rams, vs. 49ers (Mexico City), vs. Chargers

What an absolute mess. Kyler Murray has regressed, the running game is nonexistent, and Kliff Kingsbury looks flat-out confused. Arizona needed Sunday’s game against Seattle. Knowing their season hung in the balance, that was the performance they came up with.

It appears heads will roll after this disastrous start. The question is, will it be one or many? I’ll say Budda Baker isn’t a fan of this season for sure: