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Nick Bosa named NFC Defensive Player of the Month

Bosa finished November with 19 pressures and three sacks

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Congrats to 49ers edge rusher Nick Bosa, who won the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Month award for November.

Despite playing one fewer game in November than most of his competitors, Bosa finished with the fifth-most pressures, had three sacks, and was tied for third in quarterback hits. Unlike most pass rushers, Bosa dominates against the run. His seven run stops were also among league leaders during the month.

What makes Bosa’s performance each game so impressive is that the opposing offenses go out of their way to scheme around him or take Bosa out of the game and usually fail miserably trying to do so.

NFL Network’s Peter Schrager hosted former Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule on a podcast recently, who had this to say about Bosa:

“You hear about Nick Bosa. We literally had on our call sheet this year, like sometimes on the fourth series he would rotate out, we literally had plays like ‘97 out’ plays. We had one person say, ‘is Bosa in, is Bosa in. OK, he’s out!’”

That’s a crazy amount of respect for one of the best players in the NFL. That respect is warranted.