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NN Week 13 prediction contest: Kyle Shanahan and Mike McDaniel face off

The long awaited 49ers matchup against the Dolphins is finally here. Who will come out on top?

MIke McDaniel Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The 49ers are in sole possession of first place in the NFC West for the first time this season. Now, the 49ers will face a team filled with familiar faces as the Mike McDaniel-led Miami Dolphins come to town. Can Shanahan defeat his longtime right-hand man at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday?

Due to our sponsorship with Tallysight, we have to pick every game. But, as usual, we’ll narrow it down to six for you at the bottom. Odds for all the games are available on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Bills over Patriots: Bill Belichick is once again carrying the Patriots further than the team’s talent justifies, but that’s not enough to pick against Josh Allen and the Bills at -190.

Giants over Commanders: The Giants and Commanders have burned me all season, but New York at home at +115 is the call.

Jets over Vikings: I am not a Mike White believer, but he’s far better than Zach Wilson. The Vikings home-field and rest advantages will help them, but I like the Jets’ chances at +130.

Jaguars over Lions: Both the Jaguars and Lions got off to disappointing starts this season but have rebounded recently. Still, Jacksonville has playoff talent, and Detroit does not.

Ravens over Broncos: I’d feel better about this pick if Greg Roman became the Stanford head coach before the game, but it feels like someone in Baltimore would have to get fired if they lose this one.

Falcons over Steelers: The Falcons should be able to get enough going on the ground at home to get past Pittsburgh.

Texans over Browns: Nope.

49ers over Dolphins: I’m worried about the Dolphins speed going up against Deommodore Lenoir. However, I’m trusting DeMeco Ryans to slow down Miami’s offense enough.

Kansas City over Bengals: Mahomes at -130? Easy pick.

Chargers over Raiders: I know the Chargers have been underwhelming, but the Raiders are still in position for a bottom 10 pick.

Cowboys over Colts: I have to admit, Jeff Saturday getting this win would be very funny.

Bucs over Saints: Tampa’s issues with game management under Todd Bowles concern me in this matchup, which looks to be low-scoring. But the Bucs have the better team.

Seahawks over Rams: It’s getting ugly in Los Angeles.

Eagles over Titans: I considered picking the Titans to pull the upset, but the Eagles are kind of an improved mirror image of Tennessee.

Packers over Bears: The Packers have bounced back from their lowest point in the season. I’m tempted to go Bears, but the questions around Justin Fields’ health are too concerning for me to make that pick.

Marc’s prediction record:
Week 1: 7-8-1
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 7-9
Week 4: 9-7
Week 5: 8-8
Week 6: 8-6
Week 7: 9-5
Week 8: 10-5
Week 9: 8-5
Week 10: 8-6
Week 11: 10-4
Week 12: 10-6

Overall: 103-76-1

Here are the six games for this week’s contest:

Commanders @ Giants, 10:00 AM Pacific

Jaguars @ Lions, 10:00 AM Pacific

Steelers @ Falcons, 10:00 AM Pacific

Dolphins @ 49ers, 1:05 PM Pacific

Chiefs @ Bengals, 1:25 PM Pacific

Chargers @ Raiders, 1:25 PM Pacific