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Deebo Samuel was carted off the field after not being able to put pressure on his knee

Samuel is officially questionable to return

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel is officially questionable to return to today’s game with a knee injury after an unfortunate injury that seemed to suck the life out of Levi’s Stadium. First, Samuel appeared to get rolled up on; then, it didn’t help that the injury took place in a pile around a bunch of bodies that inevitably led to a worse outcome.

The scene when the cart was brought out for Samuel was emotional as he fought back tears while his teammates surrounded Samuel:

Naturally, there are some fans that are blaming Kyle Shanahan for Deebo’s injury. Despite it being the second quarter against Tom freaking Brady. Injuries are the worst part of this game, and they never happen at ideal times.

So, because the score is 21-0, some are complaining about “load management” or believe it’s a bad time to give your best players the football. That’s not how this sport works and it’s not how coaches think. Deebo is incentiviezed to get carries. The result couldn’t have been worse, but you can’t blame Shanahan. At all.