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How the 49ers are preparing for the Seahawks on a short week

“We won’t do anything full speed”

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the 49ers under Kyle Shanahan, they always have a plan for disruptions to their work week or travel schedule. This week, the Niners have to head to Seattle for Thursday Night Football, and once again, Kyle explained how he’s preparing the squad.

“I feel like with Thursday night games, the biggest thing for us is sleep. We won’t do anything full speed. It’ll be all about recovery, so we’ll let the guys, we don’t see them today, the injured guys will come in and do rehab. Tomorrow we’ll let them sleep in. We’ll start a little later. I think we start at 10:30, so we do some things in the stadium where we have some lights just walking through. Then we’ll start a little bit later Wednesday, but we also have to travel that day, so cut a couple things out in meeting times. A lot of things with reps and it’s just about resting them up, getting them the gameplan and we’ll go full speed on Thursday.”

Normally that lighter schedule might sound scary, considering the team’s third-string quarterback will be starting just his second career game. Brock Purdy’s preparation and knowledge of the system have made up for his lack of reps so far. There’s no reason to think that won’t continue on Thursday night.

As a team, the 49ers have everything in the world to play for this week. A win wraps up the NFC West title, and it would also put a little more pressure on the Vikings to beat the Colts on Saturday to maintain the second seed in the NFC.

As good as the 49ers have been lately, they’re only 3-3 away from Levi’s Stadium. Hopefully, a week focused on recovery can help the team improve on that record in a few days against the Seahawks.

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