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Golden Nuggets: Bring on Seattle

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

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49ers to hold one practice ahead of Week 15 matchup vs. Seahawks, plus media schedule

“We won’t do anything full speed,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Monday. “It’ll be all about recovery. ... We don’t see [the players] today. The injured guys will come in and do rehab. Tomorrow we’ll let them sleep in. We’ll start a little later. I think we start at 10:30, so we do some things in the stadium where we have some lights just walking through....Then we’ll start a little bit later Wednesday, but we also have to travel that day, so cut a couple of things out in meeting times. A lot of things with reps, and it’s just about resting them up, getting them the gameplan, and we’ll go full speed [in the game] on Thursday.”

49ers injuries: Veteran corner out for the year, but positive news on Deebo Samuel

“Outside of the quarterback and Deebo Samuel situations, the focus is on the interior of the defensive line. While Arik Armstead returned to the group last week, the group is splintering.

Kawakami: Brock Purdy’s moment and Kyle Shanahan’s most complete 49ers season (paywall)

“If you had to boil down what it takes for a QB to fit with Shanahan in one sentence, here it is: Be decisive about the open throws Shanahan schemes up for you, set up your stars, be focused enough that when you go off-scheme it’s not out of control, and don’t screw up by trying to do too much”

Deebo has MCL, ankle sprain; regular-season return expected

“Samuel’s knee injury is to the medial collateral ligament and will not require surgery or too much time on the sideline, according to the team.”

49ers minutia minute: Deebo Samuel’s understudy and Nick Bosa’s stolen sack (paywall)

“The 49ers never rehearsed the throw from Purdy to Aiyuk that resulted in a 32-yard touchdown just before halftime. Shanahan explained that during the week the play was practiced with Aiyuk running a curl route. On Saturday, however, coaches figured a curl-and-go might be particularly effective against certain defensive looks.”

PFF’s highest- and lowest-graded 49ers players vs. Buccaneers, plus snap counts

“Today, Pro Football Focus released its grades from the game. Which Niners played well, and who has more work to do?”

Donte Whitner: Brock Purdy gives 49ers best chance to win Super Bowl

“He did a good job of disguising. That first third down, that was very critical in them going on to score on the first drive of the game. When he stood in there, he noticed that they had zone alignments, he was thinking zone and they hit him with a surprise blitz. All the previous zone defenders were at the line of scrimmage, he found George Kittle like he did against the Miami Dolphins....Another thing that he’s able to do is pre-snap, he can see the holes in the defense. The mannerisms and his shoulders and his eyes moving the underneath hook players and creating lanes like he did against Miami to get it to Jennings.”