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Shanahan expects Deebo to return in ‘3-ish weeks’

Brock Purdy’s injury sounds like it’ll be about pain tolerance

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 49ers returned to the practice field Tuesday, but that’s more of a figure of speech, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. Here he is when asked about the status of the players that wouldn’t practice Tuesday: They’ll be more limited than everyone else. I guess everyone can jog a little bit. But they won’t even do that.”

Here’s Tuesday’s practice report:

Won’t practice:

Tarvarius Moore (knee)

Jimmy Garoppolo (foot)

Hassan Ridgeway (pectoral)

Deebo Samuel (knee/ankle)

Kevin Givens (knee)

Samuel Womack (concussion protocol)


Brock Purdy (oblique/rib)

Christian McCaffrey (knee)

Arik Armstead (foot/ankle)

Kerry Hyder (ankle)

Ambry Thomas (ankle)

On Purdy’s rib injury: “There’s something that connects here. There’s a number of them. And it’s not right.” Thank you, Dr. Shanahan, who said the team would find out more about Purdy’s status depending on how these next two games go.

Here’s Purdy on his injury: “Haven’t been out to practice or tried to throw the football yet. So it’s how I feel walking around or doing movements in pool. I can still jog and run, but I haven’t tried playing football yet. Just sore and stuff. It wasn’t excruciating pain. I was just sore.”

That sounds like it’ll come down to a pain tolerance issue for Purdy. Shanahan said, “it’s just a matter of if he can play with it or not. if he plays, he won’t be able to make it worse.”

Shanahan provided a timeline for Deebo Samuel’s return: “There’s four weeks left in the season. I think they told me 3-ish is our expectation. So, right in that area.”

The question now becomes do you play Deebo if you have the division wrapped up? If there’s a legitimate chance to obtain the #1 seed, then there’s no decision to be made.