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Kyle Shanahan: Brock Purdy is the most poised rookie I’ve ever had

“It was pretty unbelievable”

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Brock Purdy has already reached some pretty rarified air. He’s just the third rookie QB to ever win in Seattle and the second passer to ever have a QB rating of 115+ in his first two carer starts (Aaron Rodgers). Maybe more impressive than that, however, is what Kyle Shanahan said about him after the game.

“He’s definitely the most poised rookie I’ve ever had. He’s been like that since he’s gotten here. From what I heard about him in college, I think it was very similar, just starting as a freshman. He’s been great.

He was poised all week. Even him being unsure of whether he’d be able to go or not. I think that was uneasy for him because he didn’t know what to expect until he got into the game. Under the circumstances we didn’t have many other choices. We were gonna see how long he could last and we were ready to go with Josh [Johnson]. But he got comfortable and got better as the game went. It was pretty unbelievable.”

The numbers weren’t gaudy by any stretch of the imagination, but two touchdowns and zero interceptions always look good in a box score. Not to mention converting a massive third down at the end of the game to help salt away the victory.

Having the presence of mind to not only extend the ball on the slide but also stay in bounds to keep the clock running was extremely impressive. Doing it in your first road start in Seattle, while also nursing rib and oblique injuries is origin story kind of stuff.

Afterwards, Purdy deflected credit for his success to the two quarterbacks he replaced.

“Honestly, I’m just another component. I’m another piece to this team in terms of another guy coming in doing what’s asked of him. I’m the quarterback, I have to make decisions. I trust in how the coaches teach me throughout the week. I just try to get the ball out to the guys on time.

I don’t think Jimmy [Garoppolo] and Trey [Lance] get enough credit for what they’ve done. I’m just now coming on the scene where these guys have been here, throughout the offseason for Trey and then Jimmy coming in and leading these guys and winning. For me to come in, I just want to continue what they got rolling.

Big credit to Jimmy and Trey for what they’ve done. Especially in the quarterback room for the team. I’m just trying to do my part in terms of where we’re at now in the season. Definitely not ‘All praise to Bock and what Brock’s done.’ Those guys, they deserve all the credit.”

There are plenty of flowers to go around, but clearly, plenty of them should go to Brock Purdy for helping to ensure a seventh straight victory and a division title.

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