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Why Nick Bosa will be the Defensive Player of the Year

Bosa made a statement on national TV

When he was asked what he expected going into Lumen Field this week to face the Seahawks, Nick Bosa replied, “We’re expecting an all-out war.” Instead, what we got was a slaughter. Bosa dominated the Seahawks’ offensive line and may have cemented his case for the league’s premier defensive award.

On the day, Nick Bosa was his usual disruptive self against Seattle. In addition to another tackle for loss, another sack, and three more quarterback hits, Bosa also pressured Geno Smith six times and completely short-circuited the Seahawks’ offense.

As is stands right now, Bosa leads the league in sacks, pressures, QB hits, and surprisingly, penalties drawn. He’s also second in pass rush win rate and third in pass rushing productivity. That is an insane paragraph to type about any one defensive player.

(Just imagine if he played with some effort, right Emmanuel Acho?)

If that wasn’t enough, however, Michelle Magdziuk unearthed this nugget on today’s Gold Diggers podcast. Since QB hits started being tracked in 2006, only 4 players have had 15+ sacks, and 30+ QB hits in their first 13 games played in a season. JJ Watt in 2012, Aaron Donald in 2018, and TJ Watt in 2021.

What do they all have in common?

They all won Defensive Player of the Year that season.

When you are the best player, on the best defense, on a team down to its third-string rookie quarterback, and you are doing what Nick Bosa is doing every single week, you are the best defensive player of the year - whether you win the award or not.

Opposing offensive coordinators spend their entire week devising a game plan specifically designed to deal with Nick on every single play and still can’t do it. Even without making a tackle or notching a sack, he is affecting the offense on every single snap, something to which only four or five defensive players in the entire league can lay claim.

We knew Nick Bosa was going to be a star from the second he got drafted in 2019. We didn’t know his star was going to go supernova this quickly, but here we are. This should be the first of multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards for number 97.