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99% of 49er fans are confident in the team's direction

During this current winning streak and how they’ve won, it’s tough not to be

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Each week we run a survey gauging fans’ confidence in the 49ers’ direction.

It seems each week, the fans’ confidence continues to grow. This poll was sent before the 49ers clinched the NFC West on Thursday.

Finishing with a 99 percent vote for yes is quite the endorsement.

The 49ers have won seven straight games, locked up the NFC West, and have eyes on the second seed in the NFC.

Brock Purdy has blown expectations out of the water. Kyle Shanahan’s offense has taken off with the addition of Christian McCaffrey. DeMeco Ryans continues to stifle opposing offenses. Deebo Samuel will return before the playoffs. Everything is looking up.

Why shouldn’t 49ers fans be this confident? 2022 has been an interesting and fun season. We’re used to that, but injuries and other random miscuses are far easier to stomach when you’re winning.

Washington will be a different test for the 49ers. That’s an opponent they can’t afford to take lightly.