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Golden Nuggets: Go Bears!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, December 18, 2022

NFC playoff picture: 49ers still the No. 3 seed after Vikings mount largest comeback in NFL history

“The Vikings will close out the regular season against the New York Giants at home and then the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears on the road.”

NFC Playoff Picture: 49ers focus down to 2 (but really 1) teams

“The No. 1 seed is much longer shot for San Francisco. They’d need the 12-1 Eagles to lose the rest of their games, or at least three of their final four. In that case the 49ers would also need to win out. Chances are they won’t catch Philly, but a loss by the Eagles on Sunday in Chicago would at least make things interesting. The Eagles and Bears kick off at 10:00am PT on Sunday.”

Shanahan praises Bosa’s reaction to roughing call vs. Seahawks

“I mean, Bosa is a smart dude. He’s realistic and he’s right,” Shanahan said Friday via conference call. “Once we saw it on the scoreboard, you could see that. We watch that stuff almost every Friday and go over all the clips on why people get penalties, why they’re doing it, and you definitely have to, you can’t land on guys...And he knew that. He had an opportunity not to, and he realized that right away. So, it’s nice when you have guys like that who can keep it real in the moment because it makes them a lot easier to coach.”