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Jimmy Garoppolo: My knee “feels great, baby”

A good strategy for anyone that doesn’t love speaking in public is to keep it short and, if you can, tell a joke. Jimmy Garoppolo did both when talking about his knee injury yesterday.

“It feels great baby,” Garoppolo said yesterday, echoing his infamous line to Erin Andrews from 2019, “It’s coming along. I feel pretty good with it.”

Jimmy clearly wasn’t himself after taking a shot from a Saints defensive lineman in the second half of last week’s game. He eventually go 6 of 9 for just 47 yards over the game’s final two quarters.

With the Dolphins’ high-powered offense coming to town this week, Garoppolo said the offense has to be prepared to do much better than that this week.

“I think as an offense you always want it to be that type of week. You always want it to be high scoring. You want to make all the completions and everything, but it just doesn’t work out that way every time. We have to have our mind right this week for a game like that.”

One potential monkey wrench in those plans? The weather. According to some forecasts there could be rain in at least the first part of the game. Garoppolo seemed unconcerned.

“The elements are what they are. Wind, rain, snow, whatever it is, we’ve played in just about everything this year, and practiced, so I think we’re ready for the game. We practiced out there in it today and it didn’t seem too crazy. We’ll deal with whatever is dealt to us.”

If there’s one thing you can say about the 49ers this year, it’s that they’re very good at dealing with what’s been dealt to them.

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