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NFC West Recap: How the west was won

And right on cue, the Rams were eliminated from playoff contention

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

How was the west won? On a Thursday night in Seattle. The 49ers convincingly clinched the division. Riding on a seven-game winning streak, the 49ers are now fighting for seeding in the NFC. The Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals have a combined seven-game losing streak.

San Francisco 49ers - 10-4, vs. Washington, @ Las Vegas, vs. Cardinals

From the moment the 49ers emerged from the tunnel with Trent Williams leading the team, this game was over. Fred Warner’s impassioned speech conveyed the hatred and frustration of 49ers fans when faced with the Seahawks.

Brock Purdy looked like a veteran, Kyle Shanahan was in his bag, and the defense was stifling. Two things are in focus for this team, remaining healthy and gunning for the second seed in the NFC. If only the Colts could have held on to their slim 33-point lead.

Seattle Seahawks - 7-7, @ Chiefs, vs. Jets, vs. Rams

All things considered, Seattle has nothing to be ashamed of. This team wasn’t regarded as a contender. This season is a step in the right direction.

After last year’s draft, which has produced several starters, Seattle is looking at another high pick, thanks to Denver and Russell Wilson. Somehow, Russ is still helping Seattle.

Their playoff chances are slim. Kansas City and the Jets back-to-back are far from ideal. Anything can happen, but Seattle needs help to qualify for the dance.

Arizona Cardinals - 4-10, vs. Bucs, @ Falcons, @ 49ers

Trace McSorley had to enter Sunday’s game for the injured Colt McCoy. Not every team can win with their third-string QB.

Rumors are swirling (rightfully so) surrounding job security for their GM and coach.

This team is the definition of running out the clock.

Los Angeles Rams - 4-10, vs. Denver, @ Chargers, @ Seahawks

The Rams showed some fight on Monday night. Injuries have piled up, but at least Baker Mayfield makes the team interesting.

No first-round picks. They got their Super Bowl. The check has come.

The battle for SoFi on New Year’s Day will be interesting.