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Christian McCaffrey was snubbed for the Pro Bowl

Alternate shmalternate

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There’s no way around it; Christian McCaffrey got snubbed for the Pro Bowl.

According to the NFL, roster selections are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players, and coaches. Each group’s vote counts one-third toward determining the 88 All-Star players.

Let’s take a deep dive into this to see if we can’t find out where the system broke down.

First and foremost, Christian McCaffrey did his job. He leads all NFC running backs in yards from scrimmage by 114 yards. If you want to ding him for playing on an offense loaded with stars, I guess you could, but then there’s also this:

The man transformed the 49ers' offense and saved their season when it went off the rails. That’s despite having to learn one of the most complicated offenses in the middle of the year and with a third-string QB for the last three games.

Second, the Faithful did their job. Christian McCaffrey led all NFC running backs in fan voting. Simply put, we did as much as we could possibly do in this scenario.

That only leaves one part of the triumvirate left: players and coaches. How in the world can players and coaches around the league not see what McCaffrey has done this season? Not only should McCaffrey be on the roster rather than an alternate, he should be the starter for the NFC! Aren’t players and coaches always the groups that tell us fans that we don’t really know what we’re watching? They’re supposed to be the ones that know better, and yet here we are. Hell, Tony Pollard doesn’t even start on his own team!

And look, I get it. We all hope the 49ers are in the Super Bowl, so none of this matters in the end, but if we’re going to go through this whole dog and pony show, we might as well get the damn picks right. Don’t even get me started on Dre Greenlaw...

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