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Does Kyle Shanahan still have beef with the Commanders?

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When somebody fires both you and your dad that essentially ends his legendary coaching career, it would be understandable if you felt a certain way about them. During his media availability yesterday, Kyle addressed whether time has dulled some of those feelings about the Commanders organization.

“Yes, my issues will never be different. They are what they are and that’s not changing, but I have no problem with there. I love [Washington Commanders head coach] Ron Rivera, I think he’s awesome. I respect the hell out of him. I love [Washington Commanders general manager] Martin [Mayhew]. I think Martin’s the man.

I know those guys are really trying to do it the right way and I’ve been really impressed with what those two have done in there these last couple years. I haven’t got to see them on tape really until this week and I can see why they’re where they’re at. They’re a good football team and I respect the people in charge.”

Kyle Shanahan isn’t the only member of the 49ers that may have lingering issues with the Commanders.

Trent Williams famously lost trust in the Washington football team after they misdiagnosed a cancerous growth on his head for years that nearly cost the 10 time Pro Bowler his life. Williams, too, though, downplayed any negative feelings towards his former employer.

“If you drove home looking in the rearview the whole time, you’d probably wreck.”

We know that athletes and coaches can extract extra motivation out of almost any situation, and there’s certainly enough there this week for a little extra juice for the 49ers.

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