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Glazer: Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to have his walking boot removed next week

The team is “holding out hope” that Garoppolo could return for the playoffs, per Jay Glazer

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Jay Glazer was on Fox’s NFL morning show and said 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had his cast removed and will be in a walking boot for at least the next week:

“He’ll have the walking boot taken off after next weekend’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The team is holding out hope that there’s a possibility—even though Purdy is playing great—that Garoppolo will be able to play in the postseason. But they’ll know more when they get that walking boot taken off after next week’s game.”

Remember, last year, Glazer also said the 49ers weren’t sure if Jimmy would play leading up to the NFC Championship, and Garoppolo played every snap. So who knows at this point?

Here’s Kyle Shanahan discussing players returning from the injured reserve late last week:

“Just in my experience over the years, guys that have gotten hurt at the end that we’ve rested, or that have been on IR, you bring back for the playoffs, those are usually the guys that hurt you at first because they’re just rusty and they haven’t done much.”

Instantly, the reaction turns to, “why play Jimmy when Brock is playing this well?!”

And while Garoppolo hasn’t won the big game, and his playoff track record leaves a lot to be desired, it wouldn’t be easy to roll with a seventh-round rookie over a seasoned veteran. Then again, it all comes down to how Purdy plays, whether or not Jimmy is healthy, among several other factors.

You want your best players playing. No matter how you feel about Jimmy or Brock, the 49ers are a better team with Garoppolo on the active roster. Think of it in terms of Brock/Jimmy>Brocks/Josh Johnson.