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Golden Nuggets: Merry Victory Sunday!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for December 25, 2022

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Transcripts: Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy, other 49ers react to 37-20 win vs. Commanders

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Brock Purdy, and others spoke with reporters after Saturday’s 37-20 win against the Washington Commanders. Here is everything they had to say.”

Hutchinson: Nick Bosa is the Defensive Player of the Year, obviously

“Per Pro Football Focus, Bosa has the third-highest pass rush win rate (24.8 percent) in the league. The issue with win rate and other stats is that it doesn’t account for whether players are double-teamed or not. ...Some players have been more effective when double-teamed than Bosa at winning their matchup, but it doesn’t account for the rules of a defense either; sometimes when a player is double teamed, they’re supposed to look to swat the ball or back off in case of a quarterback scramble....So, we’ve got pressures, sacks, and the eye test. The eye test tells you that when teams do not chip or double team Bosa, he wins just about always.”

Nick Bosa dominates in 49ers’ win; ‘secured’ DPOY award

“The Niners give Bosa the freedom to line up on either side of the defensive alignment, and Bosa studies each opponent carefully to look for weaknesses. He then puts together a detailed rush plan for each opposing tackle that he believes gives him an advantage every week....“I feel like I have an answer for every type of blocker at this point,” Bosa said. “Some better than others obviously, but it’s going well.”

49ers ride Bosa, Kittle rampages to eighth-straight win

“It was a game where the 49ers wasted a few prime opportunities on offense, but were also facing one of the most physical, challenging defenses in football.”

Kawakami: Nick Bosa is aiming for records and taking the 49ers along for the ride (paywall)

“The players tease each other. Kyle Shanahan teases everybody. Sometimes Shanahan does a little more than tease. It’s all part of the culture. Nobody’s bigger than the team. All for one, fun for all....”But after Saturday’s punishing 37-20 victory over Washington at Levi’s Stadium, giving the 49ers their eighth consecutive victory and bringing their record to 11-4, there was a clear rhetorical partitioning: Happy chatter about Brock Purdy, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, the defense as a whole and everything else about this win on one side … and then, when Bosa was brought up, something almost close to awe.”

George Kittle stole a touchdown pass and dominated in another 49ers win (paywall)

“The safety was opposite the outside hash and the other safety was not even on the field, basically,” Kittle said, breaking into a shrug at his postgame news conference. “I’m not going to run and get covered. That’s not a good idea.”

Brock Purdy’s December surprise: 49ers QB has been terrific with the deep ball (paywall)

“Ray-Ray McCloud III, who had scored on a 71-yard run in the first quarter and who was filling in for injured Deebo Samuel on Saturday, was running a post route on the play. Purdy wanted to give McCloud space to pull away from the cornerback, so he threw the pass to the inside. That allowed Kittle, who had found a soft spot in the Washington defense, to run under the ball and snatch away McCloud’s touchdown.”

49ers Notebook: Ray-Ray McCloud on why Brock Purdy is Josh Allen-esque; Purdy’s milestone-filled Saturday; Why was Drake Jackson inactive? Javon Kinlaw on his return, and why his favorite player isn’t Nick Bosa

“Since day one, he has big kahunas... He gives me that same vibration (as Allen and Roethlisberger) when you’re just around him in the locker room of the alpha male mentality,” McCloud said of Purdy. “When he’s out there, he takes leadership in the huddle. That’s been since preseason since he first got here — OTAs — and it’s not surprising us on the field.”