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NFC West recap: The 49ers are in a class by themselves

The division is wrapped up, but we’ll still keep tabs on the 3 other teams

NFL: DEC 24 Commanders at 49ers Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is no competition. The 49ers continue to roll with eight straight wins. The rest of the division is going through the motions. With two weeks left, the 49ers are aiming for a higher seed. There is also the chance they can sweep the division with a Week 18 victory over the Cardinals.

San Francisco 49ers - 11-4, @ Raiders, vs. Cardinals

Another week, another impressive performance from the 49ers. Again, Washington presented a challenge with their top-five defense. Brock Purdy continues to roll, this defense continues its stellar play, and George Kittle has come alive with four touchdowns in the past two games.

The biggest story is the 49ers sustained no new injuries. At this point, with Javon Kinlaw back in the fold, maintaining health is the name of the game.

The final loose ties for the regular season remain with where the team lands in the NFC and Nick Bosa bringing home the DPOY trophy.

Bring on the Raiders and their insane fans in the nosebleeds. This team is rolling.

Seattle Seahawks - 7-8, vs. Jets, vs. Rams

It was fun while it lasted for Seattle. This organization should view this season as a step in the right direction. The team ran out of steam down the stretch, but the future is bright.

After landing several starters in last year’s draft, they own a top-five draft pick, at the very least.

Thanks again, Russell.

Now, Seattle isn’t eliminated from playoff contention. They’ll need some help, so it’s not all doom and gloom like the other two teams in the NFC West.

Los Angeles Rams - 5-10, @ Chargers, @ Seattle

You have to give the Rams credit for at least remaining interesting with the Baker Mayfield addition. While it looks like the Rams are hedging their bets in case Matthew Stafford has a more severe injury. But make no mistake about it, it was a move to keep people coming to SoFi.

Now, this week is the battle for SoFi stadium. Hanging 50 on the Broncos had to make Sean McVay smile. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nathaniel Hackett was fired as a result.

Arizona Cardinals - 4-11, @ Falcons, @ 49ers

Sunday night’s loss to Tampa Bay in overtime was a tough one for Arizona. But JJ Watt certainly hasn’t quit on the season. Watt was incredible in front of his newborn son and family on Christmas day.

Steve Keim stepped away from the team for health reasons. There are rumors surrounding a much more fractured relationship between Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray.

All we can do is tune into the final two episodes of Hard Knocks and watch the drama unfold.