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Elijah Mitchell could return to practice as early as next week

Kyle Shanahan had no new injuries to report after the Commanders game

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

According to 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, there were no new injuries to report from the Commanders game:

“Everybody checked out good today. Deebo’s ankle and knee is making real good progress. Garoppolo had his cast removed but no further update. Elijah Mitchell is also close to making really good progress and is closer to returning.”

Here’s Shanahan on Elijah Mitchell’s practice window potentially opening soon: There’s a chance. I think the earliest is possibly Friday. He’s healing up. He’s had no setbacks. He’s doing well. We’ll see if he’s available next week for us.

Based on most of the call, Shanahan sounded like Mitchell will play again for the 49ers, and that could happen during the regular season. They won’t have to decide between Mitchell and Jimmy Garoppolo since Jimmy was never placed on injured reserve:

“No, we never put Jimmy on IR, so we’re good with that. It’ll probably come down to Ridge or Elijah. And Elijah is further along from a health standpoint, so that’s where we’re gonna go.”

If Mitchell returns, it’ll be a crowded backfield, as Jordan Mason won’t miss time with a hamstring injury. Here’s Shanahan explaining Shanahan isn’t worried about Jordan Mason’s health:

“I think he’s doing great. He was in here the last two days. His knee was just a scare. He’s actually sick today, so we let him out for being sick. But his hamstring ended up being good.”

With Mitchell, Mason, and Ty Davis-Price, you could effectively put Christian McCaffrey “on ice” for a game or two. Even if that’s too much of a stretch, limiting McCaffrey’s workload in games where the 49ers' offense wouldn’t necessarily need him to win feels like the right way to approach the end of the regular season.

More good news, as Javon Kinlaw didn’t suffer any setbacks. Here’s Shanahan:

“He checked out great yesterday and today. It was a successful game and even more successful since he looked good today. I thought he did a good job. The more he plays, the more we’ll be able to keep him out there longer. On 4th & 1, he took on two blockers and really allowed Fred to make that play.”

Finally, Shanahan explains how he’s not thinking about what he’ll do with his quarterback room if Brock Purdy continues to play well:

“I don’t even know what year it is after this season is over. I’m trying to think about how to get him ready for Wednesday. Great question, but honestly, don’t look ahead like that. We have a number of big games ahead of us.”

Shanahan said Purdy came out of the game healthy and should be able to do more next week as a result of being healthier.