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Kyle Shanahan: I haven’t thought about the quarterback situation next year

“That’s a great question, but honestly, I don’t look ahead like that”

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We all know we’re headed for another offseason filled with quarterback questions, but Kyle Shanahan wasn’t ready to open that can of worms just yet.

Asked whether he’s thought about how he plans to work the quarterback situation next year, Kyle didn’t even dip a toe in those waters.

“No, I don’t even know what year it is after this season is over,” Shanahan said, “I’m trying to think about how to get [Brock Purdy] ready for Wednesday, man. That’s a great question, but honestly, I don’t look ahead like that. We have a number of big games in front of us.”

Looks like Brock isn’t the only member of the 49ers that knows how to escape out of trouble.

There is zero benefit to Kyle Shanahan answering that question right now. There are still two more regular season games to go before we even get to the playoffs, let alone go through them. With the way this crazy season has gone, two games is an eternity. For all we know the Niners could have fourth quarterback playing in one of those games.

Separate from that, all any answer would do is take the team’s focus away from the job at hand - regardless of what Kyle said or who he supported. The best thing he could have done is exactly what he did. Make a joke, give everyone a quote to put in this article and move on.

Purdy has been more than anyone could have hoped for after being the last pick in the draft. He’s thrown for multiple touchdown passes in each of his three starts, and he’s also been able to open the offense up a bit more. Brock has the same number of TD passes of 25+ yards this season as Patrick Mahomes. And yes, I realize defenses are playing them differently, but the point remains that the offense has looked different with 13 under center. Better, frankly.

Purdy versus Lance will be a topic all offseason - not to mention any other veteran quarterbacks that might enter the picture. Right now it appears Kyle Shanahan wants everyone to keep their minds trained on this year and the task at hand. Even if the status quo holds, the 49ers appear to have a young, talented, and maybe best of all, cheap quarterback room set for years to come. Kyle Shanahan wasn’t going any further than that on Monday.

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