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Michael Irvin: Why didn’t the 49ers look like this with Trey Lance?

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Yesterday Hall of Famer Michael Irvin was a guest on 95.7 The Game and had plenty to say about the 49ers’ quarterback situation.

First, he defended Brock Purdy from those that point to Kyle Shanahan’s scheme as the reason for all of Purdy’s success.

“They go, ‘San Fran can basically have anybody, that’s a quarterback friendly system, quarterback friendly team.’ All of that may be true, but you can’t take away from what Brock Purdy is doing. You can be as quarterback friendly as you want to be, but we still saw some hiccups and some hitches in Trey Lance’s development. You see what I’m saying? More than we’re seeing right here with Brock Purdy. That’s all I’m saying.

We can’t go about stealing his credit and what he has done because we want to raise up the defense, or we don’t want to give him all of his credit. We take it away. ‘He’s just got to not mess it up.’ No. He’s making plays, and there’s a difference between the two.”

When the hosts agreed with him and mentioned Jets’ quarterback Zach Wilson as a QB that wouldn’t look this good in Shanahan’s scheme, Irvin brought up Trey Lance again.

“It’s about getting in and out of that huddle, it’s about leadership, it’s about control, it’s about the people. You’ve got grown ass men in that huddle. If you ain’t got some kind of something to lead those men, trust me, that’s going to be an issue.

Now what you have to start thinking about is, ‘Hmm, why didn’t it look like this with Trey Lance right away?’ Those are the thoughts that you’ll be thinking about as you move forward, because it looks great with Brock Purdy.”

If Brock continues his solid play, he’s going to put more and more pressure on the team to make him the starter in 2023.

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