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Golden Nuggets: How we learned to stop worrying and love The Brock

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

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Cohn: Why Brock Purdy’s Arm is Strong Enough

“That’s the key question, and my answer is a resounding hell yes. And I think you have to come back to Joe Montana. Montana’s arm was not particularly stronger than Brock Purdy’s. What Montana had was pinpoint accuracy. One time Bill Walsh was watching tape and he called me and said, ‘Every throw by Joe was exactly where it had to be.’ And there was love in his voice. And I think we’re seeing that with this kid. We may not see it forever, but we’re seeing it now. I think his arm is strong enough....Bill was always thinking of trading Joe. Bill’s mind was all over the place...he called Al [Davis] and said, ‘Would you be interested in Joe?’ And Al said, ‘Send me some tape.’ And Bill sent him some tape, and Al called him up and said, ‘Joe isn’t good for the Raiders. My wide receivers will outrun his arm.’ Because they were always taking deep shots, and that’s not what Bill did — Bill was very conservative. And Joe couldn’t do that. So Al said, ‘But I’d like Steve Young,’ and Bill said, ‘No deal on Steve Young.’

Shanahan provides Elijah Mitchell update, addresses questionable early-season roster move

“And while it went under the radar, Shanahan indicated after the game that Brock Purdy was still not 100 percent in recovering from an oblique and rib injury. He said Monday that, “… he should be even a little better this week with more health.”

Kawakami: 2023 countdown drama for the Warriors, 49ers, Giants and maybe the A’s most of all (paywall)

“Unless Brock Purdy’s injured in the next two weeks (or if Pittsburgh somehow makes it with Kenny Pickett), Purdy is going to be the only rookie quarterback in the postseason tournament, and that is not a tiny thing to consider against the historical backdrop. A rookie QB has never led his team to the Super Bowl, let alone won it. Not Joe Montana, not Tom Brady, not John Elway, not Patrick Mahomes. And especially not the last player picked in the draft...But the 49ers may never be better set up to go on a run than right now, with Kyle Shanahan clearly in sync with Purdy, with Christian McCaffrey as the ultimate security blanket, with Nick Bosa at his absolute peak, with Deebo Samuel set to be back soon and with star players in their primes at almost every position. If a rookie QB is ever going to win the big game, I think it’s Purdy with the 49ers.”

Donte Whitner breaks down ‘biggest weakness’ on 49ers defense, how DeMeco Ryans can adjust

“I’ll say right now, [Lenoir] is the biggest, glaring weakness on the 49ers’ defense and everybody can see it,” Whitner said. “But when you actually look at the data and the numbers, he’s playing better than what you would think. I think sometimes it boils down to consistent — I wouldn’t say effort, but I will say attention to detail, the need there, the pace in your pedal, realizing what they’re trying to do to you.”

DeMeco Ryans being discussed for Broncos head coach opening [report]

“The question likely wouldn’t be about the Broncos’ interest. Would Ryans want the job? Denver has a stellar defense, but their issue, almost entirely, is Russell Wilson.”