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Golden Nuggets: Jarrett Stidham it is

Your daily San Francisco49ers news for Thursday, December 29, 2022

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Raiders benching Derek Carr vs. 49ers

“Why now? The Raiders, at 6-9, are just about out of the playoff picture, and if Carr were to get hurt, his 2023 salary of $33 million would be guaranteed. This protects Las Vegas from having to pay that amount, but also means they’ll likely be looking elsewhere at QB next year.”

Who’s Jarrett Stidham? A QB the 49ers want to use to get ready for the playoffs (paywall)

“We’re looking at it like, ‘All right, so right now we’re playing Jarrett Stidham,’” Ward said. “‘But in the playoffs we might be playing Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins or Jalen Hurts and the Eagles.’ We’re looking at it like before we’re in the playoffs, we’ve got to elevate our game.”

Kyle Shanahan previews 49ers-Raiders Week 17 matchup

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters as the team prepares for its Week 17 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders. Here is everything he had to say.”

Improving playoff seeding reason for 49ers to push forward despite clinching NFC West

“If the Niners win their final two games (at the Las Vegas Raiders and home against the Arizona Cardinals), the Eagles lose their final two contests (at home against the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants) and the Vikings lose one of their final two games (at Green Bay and at Chicago), the 49ers would leap to No. 1.”

49ers QB Brock Purdy and the Parcells Rules

“Here are the Bill Parcells rules for drafting a quarterback:

  • Be a three-year starter
  • Be a senior in college
  • Graduate from college
  • Start 30 games
  • Win 23 games
  • Post a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio
  • Complete at least 60% of passes thrown”

Ian Rapoport discusses whether Nick Bosa should be in NFL MVP conversation

“And I know there’s a lot of, What about Micah Parsons? Micah Parsons is awesome,” Rapoport said. “He is a truly excellent player who is dynamic. Just all the good things about Micah Parsons. The year Nick Bosa is having, it would be hard for anyone else to get Defensive Player of the Year....I just think MVP is a little farfetched because there’s a lot of good that’s going on, on offense, for instance, that Nick Bosa doesn’t have any part of. But this is all splitting hairs because he’s been so, so, so good, and Defensive Player of the Year is what the best defender should win.”

Why healthy Kinlaw wants to model his game after Armstead

“He beat two people and got a quarterback hit,” Kinlaw said. “That was the best play I’ve seen all game. To beat two people, and still get to the quarterback? It’s very, very hard. It’s a difficult thing to do. I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to setting people up for plays and winning his matchups.”

How King believes Purdy can win 49ers’ starting QB job in 2023

“Now if he takes the field six more times, he’s going to win the job and it’s going to be his job, in my opinion anyway, in 2023. He’s not going to take the guy out of the game and put him behind Trey Lance on the depth chart after he has done what he’s done. Whether he wins the Super Bowl or not, his six games from right now would be the Super Bowl if the 49ers make it.”