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The 3 best prop bets for 49ers/Raiders on Sunday: Expect defensive domination

Let’s make things a little more interesting

If you were looking to make Sunday’s game a little more interesting, Michelle Magdziuk and I gave you our best bets in today’s Gold Digger’s podcast. If you don’t know, Michelle is a researcher for the NFL Network and writes for Unfortunately, there were no individual props up at the time of our recording, so here are three of the best team bets you can make in the 49ers game this week.

49ers defense to score a touchdown

Right now, the 49ers sit at 24 total takeaways with two games to go. Only the 2019 squad has had more in the Shanahan era, and that was 27, which is definitely reachable - particularly with Jarrett Stidham under center this week for Las Vegas.

The 49ers only have three defensive touchdowns this year, but the circumstances appear to be in their favor this week. Not only is Stidham starting his first career game, but also DeMeco Ryans seems to be challenging his guys this week after being unhappy with their last two defensive efforts.

Between the pressure the Niners will put on Stidham and a defense looking to pad their stats, this is a sneaky good low-risk high, reward type of bet.

Raiders under 15.5 total points

During the 49ers’ eight-game win streak, they have held five of their eight opponents under this total. The three teams that have hit this over did so by .5, 1.5, and 5 points, respectively. All of those teams had their starting quarterback, and all of them certainly had a lot more to play for than the Raiders do this week.

Even if a few bounces of the ball don’t go the 49ers’ way and the Raiders manage to get a touchdown or two on the board, they still won’t his this over. Outside of that, we don’t think they’ll be able to generate anything on New Year’s day.

49ers over Raiders -9

There’s a very good chance the Raiders don’t reach nine points on the entire day, let alone keep this game within nine points.

While the 49ers did have some trouble punching in touchdowns last week against Washington, this sure as hell ain’t the Commanders' defense out there. The Raiders' defense is 31st in total DVOA, 32nd in pass DVOA, 20th in rush DVOA, 26th in EPA per play, and 28th in success rate.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also won’t have Chandler Jones or Denzel Perryman either. Outside of one threat in Maxx Crosby, there are lots of areas for Kyle Shanahan to attack. We know it’s a big number, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s big for a reason.

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