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Golden Nuggets: Happy New Year, Niners Nation!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, December 31st, 2022

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Inside the 49ers’ halftime locker room: Bananas, bathroom trips and study time for Brock Purdy (paywall)

“The offensive side is more intense. It’s like an advanced-level math seminar condensed to six minutes. Shanahan is on the left side of the whiteboard, scribbling down the eight or so pass plays he likes for the second half. On the right side of the board, run game coordinator Chris Foerster and tight ends coach Brian Fleury do the same for the run plays.”

49ers vs. Raiders predictions: A big test for an improved Mike McGlinchey (paywall)

“A reporter asked Kittle if he plans to join New Year’s Eve festivities in Las Vegas the night before the game...“Goodness gracious, no,” Kittle said. “We’re flying in late Saturday night, so we’re right into meetings, right into bed. We’re staying 30 miles off the Strip. My blinds will be closed. My wife and my family will be enjoying New Year’s Eve and my phone will be on mute so I don’t have to get any of their photos.”

49ers-Raiders Injury Report: Deebo Samuel ruled out for Sunday but could return for Week 18

“The 49ers could have opened the practice window for running back Elijah Mitchell this week. He was not seen for the early portion of practice open to reporters...“We actually would have opened [the practice window] today or maybe even yesterday, but he’s been home sick the last two days,” Shanahan explained. “We’ve had a bug going around but he was good enough start practicing today (even though he didn’t), so we’ll definitely start that next week.”

Deebo Samuel out Sunday, could return Week 18

“Head coach Kyle Shanahan ruled Samuel out for Sunday’s game against the Raiders on Friday. It will be the third game that Samuel has missed with knee and ankle injuries and Shanahan indicated that it may the last one he misses.”

Trent Williams identifies 49ers’ biggest challenge heading into the playoffs

”I think that’s the biggest challenge every week because that’s more about you than it is about the team you’re playing. I think when you can avoid self-inflicted wounds, I think it allows you to play pretty good football, and I think that’s what we need to do.”