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Golden Nuggets: Game day!!!!!!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, December 4th, 2022

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The Shanahan-McDaniel reunion has the makings of a classic

“But according to just about every player or coach you’ll talk to, this is all on Tua. He’s an MVP candidate, which is a monumental departure from the woebegone and uneven performances of the previous two seasons....The third-year quarterback admitted that he was questioning himself last year, literally asking himself in the mirror, “Do I suck?”

McDaniel reinvigorated him and brought along a more than 700-play reel of Tagavailoa’s best moments. That pair is tight and McDaniel has helped him elevate his game.”

49ers place Mitchell on IR, hope he’s available for playoffs

“The 49ers are hoping to remain alive in the NFL playoffs long enough to allow Mitchell to return to action this season. The first round of the postseason is scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 14-15, which is seven weeks after Mitchell’s injury.”

49ers’ Charvarius Ward’s performance is even more impressive given the backstory (paywall)

“I feel like already my baby has given me more heart — more love in my heart, more love in my body,” he said. “Not only for her but for other people as well.”

Shanahan explains when Kittle’s attitude doesn’t fit a situation

“If we’re having a bad practice, sometimes,” Shanahan said to reporters. “I don’t think just cheering everybody on is always the right thing, but that’s George, so it’s hard to get mad at him for it.”