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Rapoport: The 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo are both open to his return in 2023

This all became possible the second Trey Lance went down with an injury in Week 2

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted early Sunday morning that the 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo are both open to his return next season ‘under the right circumstances.’

The moment quarterback Trey Lance went down with an injury, Jimmy’s return to the Bay Area in 2023 always felt like a possibility, provided Garoppolo played well, and the team kept winning.

Here we are, on December 4, with San Francisco atop the NFC West, as the third seed in the NFC, riding a four-game winning streak amid Garoppolo’s best season of his career.

Here’s Rapoport on Garoppolo potentially returning next season in his article:

With Lance rehabbing and still learning to utilize his immense talents after being out nearly all season, there is a scenario that would lead to Jimmy G back in San Francisco for 2023. While the two sides have yet to discuss options for next year, a short-term deal might make sense for everyone.

Either way, Garoppolo should be one of the most coveted free-agent QBs this offseason, set to cash in again.

With friendly faces in town, including former S.F. assistant coach Mike McDaniel, Garoppolo made some news this week when he said the Dolphins were one of the teams that was a potential landing spot for him this past offseason. But there was nothing there, and no offer was made.

In the end, Garoppolo staying in San Francisco to run the offense and continue to engineer wins helped save the 49ers’ season. And thanks in part to the success of 2022, there could be at least one more season to come.

Is there a chance Jimmy G will be the Niners' quarterback next season? No doubt. That’s true for Lance, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and whoever Kyle Shanahan feels can run his offense and help the 49ers win right away.

Buckle up for another offseason full of quarterback rumors as we’ll go through the same “Lance isn’t ready” or “needs time to develop,” which could be true.

Rapoport’s tweet makes it sound like this is a done deal, but his article says the two haven’t discussed a return in 2023. Of course, the more the team wins, the more likely Garoppolo’s return is. Then again, San Francisco wouldn’t be the only team interested in Jimmy’s services next year.

Garoppolo has a chance to be a very wealthy man if the 49ers go on another deep playoff run. But it’s Week 13, and I doubt either Jimmy or Shanahan is thinking about next year.