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Golden Nuggets: At least it’s Victory Monday

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, December 5th, 2022

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Hutchinson: Why the Jimmy Garoppolo injury cuts the 49ers so deep

“His story isn’t over, but it has taken yet another brutal dive into the unknown. Without him, the 49ers will dive with him into that murk. San Francisco controls its own destiny, but it was once again reminded, unceremoniously, that life in the NFL if nothing if not brutal and unpredictable.”

Barrows: 49ers wowed by Brock Purdy’s quick release, sharp mind and, most of all, guts (paywall)

“I just go back to the preseason — the moment’s never too big for Brock,” Samuel said. “He knows that he’s got playmakers out there if he’s scrambling. We’ve always got his back.”...While the Dolphins entered the game with a middle-of-the-road defense, the Buccaneers’ is ninth best overall and ought to be a bigger challenge for Purdy. Then again, Fred Warner noted that the 49ers have the best defense in the league and that Purdy, formerly the scout-team quarterback, has gotten a lot of practice against San Francisco’s unit.”

Thompson: After Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury, there’s only one way for Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers to respond (paywall)

“So Shanahan may as well turn that cap to the back and seek some revenge on fate. He has arguably the best defense in the league. He has a roster full of offensive weapons. He has a quarterback he likes and wanted to keep around even after landing Garoppolo as the backup. Shanahan may as well turn up...Brock Purdy is no Garoppolo. But he’s also no Garoppolo — in that he can scramble effectively, he can move out of the pocket, and he’s got a gunslinger mentality. He’s what they got, and the move is to maximize what he brings. Shanahan doesn’t have to worry about it costing him anything because misfortune has already taken chunks out of their chances.”

Kawakami: Jimmy Garoppolo injury extends 49ers’ QB nightmare — enter Brock Purdy … and maybe Trey Lance? (paywall)

“Nobody’s pushing Lance, who obviously should take all the time he needs to recover from such a terrible injury. Even if he’s physically able to play football by January, he’d have been out for many months and he’s barely played football for three full seasons. But that answer from Shanahan does leave the door slightly ajar. Slightly. Obviously, it’s pending Lance’s recovery and his and the team’s desire to risk something that would be a bit risky.”

49ers to sign backup quarterback Josh Johnson

“This will be Johnson’s fourth stint with the 49ers during a career that has seen him sign with more teams than any other player in NFL history. Johnson was drafted by the Buccaneers in 2008 and since then has been to San Francisco, the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL, Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Francisco again, Cincinnati again, the Jets, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Baltimore, the Giants, Houston, Oakland, Washington, the San Diego Fleet of the AAF, Detroit, the Los Angeles Wildcats of the XFL, San Francisco again, the Jets again, Baltimore again, Denver, and now San Francisco again.”

Lombardi: 49ers defense smothered the Dolphins after Kyle Shanahan fired up Nick Bosa (paywall)

“I told (the D-linemen) that I thought the linebackers outperformed them last week,” Shanahan said. “And I thought they would smile, but he didn’t smile at all.”

49ers lose Garoppolo, ride Purdy to impressive win over Dolphins

“It was a four-turnover game for the 49ers, who stifled a dynamic Dolphins offense in a game that represents how seriously they should be considered as contenders.”

What we learned as Purdy replaces injured Jimmy G, fuels win

“As interesting — and important — as the 49ers’ game Sunday was against the Dolphins, they enter into a crucial stretch of games against NFC teams, first against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week at Levi’s Stadium, before facing the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15 in a Thursday night road game.....The 49ers’ three-game stretch concludes against the Washington Commanders on Christmas Eve. Washington remains in the thick of the playoff hunt with a 7-5-1 record. The Commanders and New York Giants played to a 20-20 tie on Sunday.”

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo to undergo season-ending foot surgery, says Kyle Shanahan

“Just hearing it, it was pretty crushing,” Shanahan said. “We know what Jimmy’s been through, how hard he’s worked at this. I got the news in the second quarter, so it was a little different for me ... it was such a special win. But definitely mixed emotions hearing about Jimmy.’