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What does Brock Purdy’s training camp tell us about him now?

Jason Aponte and Steph Sanchez take a trip down memory lane

Now that we’re all bucked in for the Brock Purdy show for the rest of the season, it’s worth going back in time to training camp in July to remember what we saw from Mr. Irrelevant when he was actually able to take some reps on a somewhat consistent basis. Both Jason Aponte and Steph Sanchez were at training camp, and they dove into their notes from that time on today’s Bully Ball podcast.

“I wasn’t overly impressed,” Aponte said, “What I did think he did well that was on full display on Sunday - he’s a good processor. Nick Mullens was a very good processor also. They have a similar arm. What he did very well in camp was team situations. He’s smart. He’s good at understanding the situation and making sure everybody is in the right place and doing the right thing.

The two things that give me confidence are, the kid looks tough. Nothing ever fazes him, it looks like he doesn’t get frazzled. The Dolphins blitzed the hell out of that kid and he didn’t flinch. Plus, Kyle Shanahan is gonna find a way to put him in good spots.”

Steph offered some of her recollections as well.

“There were times in camp where he was just mistake-riddled. He turned the ball over a ton in the first week, it was just always intercepted. But I think we did kind of see him settle down a bit, more so towards the second week.

There were times that Purdy and Nate Sudfeld performed better in the situational drills than Trey Lance. That’s not a knock on Lance. Players can improve from training camp. Also what we saw from Brock Purdy could also be improved.”

Mistakes in training camp hardly determine the outcome of a player’s career, but they do offer a bigger sample size than what we saw on Sunday. Hopefully, Purdy used the lessons he learned in training camp to learn his limitations and turn himself into a better quarterback moving forward.

Other topics in today’s show:

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  • Did Brock Purdy show us he was this guy in training camp? (14:31)
  • Kyle Shanahan looks like he is evolving as a head coach (22:46)
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  • Move over, Micah Parsons, there’s a new leader for DPoY (32:57)
  • Arik Armstead deserves way more love than he’s getting (35:13)
  • Dre Greenlaw is playing the best football of his career (37:50)