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NFC West recap: The 49ers supporting cast will carry them to a divisional title

Wasn’t that always the case?

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Sunday’s victory over the Miami Dolphins was a costly one. For the second time this season, the 49ers lost their starting QB to an injury. However, Brock Purdy filled in admirably. Purdy showed poise, confidence, and a grasp of the offense. Nonetheless, it’s fair to wonder what the offense will look like moving forward.

San Francisco 49ers - 8-4, vs. Tampa Bay, @ Seattle (TNF), vs. Commanders

Does Tom Brady return to the bay for the final time? Maybe? The 49ers are riding high following five consecutive victories. The defense is incredible. With Jimmy Garoppolo down for the year, they’ll need the defense more than ever.

Kyle Shanahan has shown glimpses of evolution in his coaching. The 49ers are throwing the ball more than running, going for it on fourth down, and Shanahan is nailing his challenges.

The good news for this team? The defense will keep them in games. Shanahan will put Purdy in the best position to succeed. Being surrounded by elite playmakers surely helps.

Seattle Seahawks - 7-5, vs. Carolina, vs. 49ers, @ Chiefs

Seattle had quite the scare on Sunday, narrowly escaping with a victory over the injury-riddled Rams. Wins are wins. I’d expect a victory over Carolina to set the stage for a huge matchup with the 49ers. The next three games are Seattle’s toughest stretch of the season. After Carolina, Seattle faces the 49ers, Chiefs, and Jets.

If Seattle wants to silence the talk of their validity as a playoff team, this is their time.

Arizona Cardinals - 4-8, vs. Patriots (MNF), @ Broncos, vs. Tampa Bay

The bye week was kind to the Cardinals. They didn’t lose. At this point, the Cardinals are in deep evaluation mode. How they finish the season out will offer insight into possible departures.

Is Kingsbury fired? Is it Keim? Would the Cardinals consider moving on from Kyler? In my opinion, I have a hard time thinking Murray is gone. Either way, this is an intriguing situation.

Los Angeles Rams - 3-9, vs. Las Vegas (TNF), @ Green Bay, vs. Broncos

The Rams are just trying to finish the season with no more injuries. This is a good time to evaluate the depth of their roster. Matthew Stafford shouldn’t be activated. Aaron Donald says he wants to return. I believe him.

Many wondered when the “all-in” approach would show its cracks. Well, the check has come.