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Oh Hey There! Should the 49ers bring back Raheem Mostert?

Who doesn’t miss the Mosterati?

It is said that in times of war, circumstances dictate action. In the case of the 49ers running backs, circumstances dictated action almost immediately when Raheem Mostert told the world that his season was over after just two carries against the Lions in Week 1. While Elijah Mitchell filled in admirably this season, the question remains: Should the 49ers bring Raheem Mostert back in 2022? We dove into that in today’s Oh Hey There! podcast.

Before we get into this question, it needs to be said that Elijah Mitchell did a fantastic job for the 49ers this season. None of this is meant to be a knock on him. Mitchell ran for 963 yards in 11 games and scored 6 total touchdowns on the year. No one could have asked for more out of a sixth-round draft pick.

“What he did his rookie year was fantastic,” Leo Luna said, “But this team really missed Raheem Mostert on Sunday. Mitchell was doing his best, but the vision you get from Mostert is second to none. That’s why Kyle Shanahan loves this guy...I would love for the 49ers to bring him back. If you could have a Raheem Mostert, Elijah Mitchell, Deebo Samuel, Trey Sermon running back room, that would be fantastic.”

It’s true that Mitchell simply hasn’t been as explosive as Raheem Mostert has under Kyle Shanahan, despite a reported 4.33 second 40 yard dash time. In addition to recording the two fastest top speeds in 2020, Mostert averages 5.6 yards per carry since 2017. For context, that would have been fourth-most in the NFL this year among players with 100 carries, and it’s almost a full yard per attempt better than Elijah Mitchell’s 4.7.

Furthermore, both players seem to suffer from the same bugaboo - injuries. Mostert missed all of this season and has battled injuries frequently in recent years. Mitchell, on the other hand, missed multiple games this year due to injury and fought through significant knee pain at the end of the season. Instead of holding their nose and depending on someone with a lengthy injury history to stay healthy (a 49ers staple in recent seasons), is it worth it for the team to spend a little money on re-signing Mostert and having a devastating Mostert/Mitchell combo backfield in 2022?