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Golden Nuggets: Elijah Mitchell Dishes On Jimmy and Trey

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, February 10th, 2022

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Steve Smith says Jimmy Garoppolo is ‘not a franchise QB,’ failed when it mattered

“Jimmy Garoppolo is Elvis Grbac,” Smith said. “My point is, you always hope that he’ll turn the corner.”

Matt Barrows assesses how likely 49ers are to re-sign Raheem Mostert

“Elijah Mitchell cannot do 17 games with that amount of workload. You don’t want Deebo Samuel getting 15 to 20 snaps at running back which is what he was getting at the end of the season. So it would help everybody if another really quality back was part of that mix. So why not Mostert?”

Kittle, 49ers Pro Bowlers hilariously FaceTime Shanahan mid-game

“Shanahan initially did not pick up the phone when Kittle called but answered when Juszczyk gave him a ring.”

Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchell praise Garoppolo and Lance, believe young 49ers QB can become a ‘superstar’

“Just by seeing him, he was very locked in, and he was always asking questions, always being prepared like he was going to play,” Mitchell added. “So that’s big when it comes down to that.””

Mike Florio explains why he could see Jimmy Garoppolo returning to 49ers

“It was just a matter of time before Jimmy Garoppolo was gone and I think that now, but who knows?” Florio said. “They may surprise us. They may decide to have one more year with Jimmy Garoppolo. It all comes down to when Trey Lance is going to be ready to go and really, is he ready to go?”

Nick Bosa’s sack total? Dee Ford’s snap percentage? How our 49ers over/under predictions played out (paywall)

“Four days before the season began, Matt Barrows, David Lombardi and Tim Kawakami tested their predictive powers with some carefully crafted over/under scenarios for the 49ers. “