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George Kittle is tired of the Jimmy Garoppolo Trey Lance comparisons

“They’re just trying to drag Jimmy through the mud as much as they possibly can”

George Kittle sat down with Niners Nation today on behalf of the Pennington’s Flip the Turf campaign, which is a movement to turn all NFL stadium fields to grass (you can sign the petition and join the effort here).

During the interview, I asked him which question he was most tired of being asked.

“This year? Probably just any type of comparison. ‘What’s the difference in Jimmy [Garoppolo] and Trey [Lance]? What’s the difference in the touch of their passes?’ They’re quarterbacks. Everybody throws a different ball. What do you want me to say?

‘Hey, do you think Trey Lance should be starting?’ What do you want - come on, guys. Let’s just... I’m confident in my quarterback. Jimmy’s a fantastic guy. He’s going to lead us and that’s what he did. There’s so many questions out there that people, they’re just trying to drag Jimmy through the mud as much as they possibly can. It’s pretty amazing to me how well he handles it, and then consistently just delivers.”

I imagine that quarterback questions got tiring for everyone after a while. Hopefully, we don’t have to deal with another QB controversy for quite some time. Kittle also said he tries not to read the things the media is saying, but his mom actually forwards him clips and articles of people critical of both him and the team. That said, Kittle understands criticism will come.

“If you’re the starting quarterback for one of the biggest franchises in the history of sports, who had guys like Joe Montana and Steve Young, yeah, okay, you’re going to be criticized. You’ve got to play at a high level. That’s stuff, I don’t really care about. It’s football, it’s the NFL. If we were in New York, they’d probably be worse. They’d probably be meaner. Some of the stuff people just kind of tear at him at, he can’t really control all those things. He’s just out there trying his best. I’m fine with the criticism, though.”

You can watch the entire interview on this page or listen to it while you do something else everywhere podcasts can be found.

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