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49ers in Five: Nick Bosa doesn’t get a single vote for Comeback Player of the Year

How is this possible?

Everything you need to know in five minutes

The NFL handed out their awards for the 2021 season last night, and Nick Bosa was completely and utterly jobbed.

Not only did Bosa not win the Comeback Player of the Year award that he rightfully should have won, but he also did not receive a single vote! How is that possible?

The award went to Joe Burrow of the Bengals, who had the same knee injury as Nick Bosa, according to the surgeon that operated on them. While Burrow has had a spectacular year, he plays a position that is primarily dependent upon his arm. Remember, Philip Rivers once played a game on a completely torn ACL. That’s not to diminish the year Burrow had, but it goes to show that if you aren’t a running quarterback, you can play the position without much stress on your knees.

Bosa, on the other hand, is heavily dependent on his legs. Every single snap places an incredible amount of stress on the lower body, regardless of whether you’re rushing the pass or trying to stop the run. Throw in the fact that Bosa was double-teamed more than any other edge rusher in the NFL and his case only looks stronger.

Did I mentioned Bosa had 32 quarterback hits, 15.5 sacks (4th in the NFL), league-leading 21 tackles for loss (along with TJ Watt), and four forced fumbles? What more could you ask from a player coming off a major knee injury?

“I don’t think people appreciate how good Bosa is play in and play out,” Kyle Shanahan said in January.

Apparently, he was right.

Hear more about Bosa as well as changes to the 49ers coaching staff and Hall of Fame election for one of the team’s all-time great players in today’s 49ers in Five podcast.