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Super Bowl thread: Rams vs. Bengals — will the NFC West be crowned a champion?

I believe so

NFL, Rams, 49ers, NFC Championship Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Bengals have been outgained in every playoff game. The Titans and the Raiders aren’t exactly teams you’d label as offensive juggernauts.

On the other hand, the Rams have outgained their opponents by over a yard in each game. The Cardinals, Bucs, and 49ers are far superior to who Cincinnati played during this stretch.

The Bengals are +5 in turnover margin. Turnover luck is a big reason why Cincy is here. The narrative that Joe Burrow has played like an MVP feels like we’re ignoring a lot. Burrow has taken unnecessary sacks this postseason.

Against the Chiefs, he had a negative EPA per dropback and a passer rating of 78 in the second half —which would have been worse if a linebacker caught an interception.

So, will Matthew Stafford revert to the quarterback we saw in December where he was careless with the ball? The Bengals better hope so. They’ve been more lucky than good.

Everything about this matchup points to the Rams winning, in my opinion. We’ll see if that holds. Let’s hope we have a good game on our hands.