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What’s a day off in the life of Deebo Samuel?

The All-Pro gives us a look at how his time away from the field is spent and the perks of being one of the league’s most dynamic players.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

After you elevate your game to record-breaking All-Pro levels and carry your team to within minutes of a Super Bowl berth, how would you want to spend your downtime? Deebo Samuel explains this and much more during an appearance in Whistle Sports' original series, Days Off.

The series profiles top athletes who, as the title suggests, are very much deserving of a break to enjoy some me-time. We are brought into the world of Deebo, in which we see what appears to be an entire hotel suite full of memorabilia for him to sign, his absolutely loaded closet with basically every pair of Jordan 11’s ever produced, and his jewelry collection that includes a custom piece adorned with a logo designed by his mom.

You can check out the video below.

One of my favorite bits is Deebo taking second-year player Jauan Jennings to task as the team’s worst dressed and giving it up to big Trent Williams as the other style icon on the team, besides himself. Also, did you catch the Emmanuel Sanders shoutout? The veteran wideout had more of an impact in his half-season with the team than we could have ever imagined. He’s personally responsible for tipping Deebo off to the Jordan x Dior collab.

Perhaps, Deebo’s most relatable quality might be his penchant for purchasing pieces that he leaves hanging on the rack. Who amongst us hasn’t bought an item or two and decided to whip it out for a special occasion or a particular outfit that doesn’t come together for much longer than we’re expecting?

Lastly, I think we just need to take a second to appreciate the recently born little Deebo. You can see how much Samuel cares about his son, and he’s spoken about him at length throughout the back half of the season. Kyle Shanahan even said that Deebo’s convinced his son would be playing in the NFL based on his relative size and how well he can already hold his bottle. So, let’s hope in a couple of decades, we can all watch Deebo Jr. give us a tour of his sneaker collection, too.