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49ers in Five: Jimmy Garoppolo trade talks will begin in earnest soon

So says NFL Media’s Mike Garafolo

Everything you need to know in five minutes

The final Sunday of the football season would not have been complete without one last report on Jimmy Garoppolo. This one came courtesy of NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo:

“Garoppolo has a no trade clause for the next 31 days. It expires at the start of the new league year on March 16th, but I’m told that’s not a huge factor because whether a trade agreement is reached before then or after then it’ll be a collaborate effort to find Garoppolo’s next destination.

Now, you can connect the dots to quarterback-needy teams such as the Texans and the Saints, but those talks really haven’t begun in earnest. They will soon, though.”

They might not have begun in earnest on the 49ers' side, but you can bet your last dollar that Garoppolo’s agent Don Yee has already had plenty of discussions with teams about what’s out there for his client. Expect talks to pick up at the Combine, where rampant tampering will happen across the entire league over drinks in steakhouses in Indianapolis.

The Texans would make sense because they’re going to need a quarterback after trading Deshaun Watson. Their general manager is Nick Caserio, a.k.a. the guy who drafted Garoppolo in the second round for the New England Patriots.

A deal to the Saints would mean a reunion with Jimmy Garoppolo in Levi’s Stadium in 2022 and the likely implosion of 49ers Twitter.

Regardless of where it happens, it looks like the 49ers’ long quarterback saga could reach its end in less than a month.

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