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Would you want the 49ers to kick off the 2022 season on Thursday night against the Rams?

There have only been two divisional “kickoff games” since 2002

NFL, Rams, 49ers, NFC Championship Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Rams are the Super Bowl champions. As painful as that might be to read, there’s a chance the 49ers start the season against their renewed rivals.

Each Super Bowl winner kicks off the following regular season on a Thursday night. According to Ari Meirov, here are the list of opponents the Rams could potentially play: Cardinals

Since 2002, there have only been two divisional matchups to start the season. In 2008, Washington faced the Giants, and in 2012, the Cowboys played the Giants to begin the season.

So, the odds that Arizona, Seattle, or San Francisco would play the Rams appear slim. Unless there’s a dramatic change to their roster, I think we can rule out the Panthers and Falcons, too.

Also, there has only been one cross-conference game to begin the season since 2002. That happened in 2007 when the Saints played the Colts.

All signs point to the Cowboys, especially considering how big of a brand Dallas is. I’ve seen some people point out that the league wouldn’t want the 49ers to takeover SoFi, but you could make that argument for any team.

I’m curious to see whether we see a whole new level of Rams fans that didn’t exist before this season. Either way, the 49ers/Rams rivalry has a chance to be one of the best in the league of the next handful of years.

We saw that play itself out during this past season, and it would be a perfect way to kick off the 2022 season.


Should the 49ers kick off the season against the Rams?

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