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49ers in Five: Richard Sherman unloads on Matthew Stafford

“The HOF bar is incredibly low now”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

Less than 24 hours after Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl, people began discussing his candidacy for the Hall of Fame. Richard Sherman did not like that one bit.

No idea why Sherm also decided to body slam Matt Ryan out of nowhere, but okay. He continued.

Richard Sherman is right. Just because someone wins a Super Bowl doesn’t mean they automatically deserve to be discussed for football’s highest honor.

Sherman also wrote on Twitter, “Stafford has literally no accolades.” That isn’t exactly true, as the former number one overall draft pick does have a Pro Bowl to his name and a Comeback Player of the Year award.

But that’s it.

While it may be hard for some people to understand, it is possible for someone to become a champion without being one of the best players of all time - even if that person is a quarterback. It’s also possible that Stafford plays five or six more years and finishes out his career with more championships and some All-Pro and Pro Bowl appearances. If that happens, we should revisit the discussion.

Until then, however, Richard Sherman has spoken.