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Oh Hey There! Should the 49ers be the favorites to win the NFC West next year?

Storms appear on the horizon for the Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals

While Rams fans are still basking in the glow of their Super Bowl title, the rest of the NFL already has their sights set on the 2022 season. Even just days into the offseason, there does seem to be a lot happening inside the NFC West right now. In today’s Oh, Hey There! podcast, Leo Luna wondered if the 49ers should be the favorites in the division in 2022.

The Rams are the champions, of course, but they’re also dealing with the possible retirement of their two most important pieces: Sean McVay and Aaron Donald. Specifically, Sean McVay’s comments to the Los Angeles Times should be worrisome to Rams fans.

“We’ll see,” McVay said when asked whether he’ll coach the team next season, “I’m just enjoying this moment right now. I’m really happy to be a part of this. Happy for that.”

Considering McVay will have his pick of multi-million dollar analyst jobs if he does walk away, retirement isn’t something to dismiss out of hand.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals have their own problems. Kyler Murray is sending cryptic messages via social media, and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is firing off bizarre “reports” from seemingly high-up Cardinals sources questioning the quarterback’s character.

One year removed from Russell Wilson’s agent releasing a list of teams to which he’d approve a trade, Seattle is coming off their worst season in a decade. Wilson won’t say anything about his desire to stay with the team other than he’s living in the moment to complicate matters.

With pillars of the division potentially crumbling around them, Leo Luna asked whether the 49ers should be considered the favorites to win the division next year.

“If Sean McVay retires, you have the Seattle Seahawks that seem like they’re set for a divorce, but they’re trying to make it work until their kids turn 18, and then you have Kyler Murray that’s trying to get his girlfriend mad with these posts on Instagram.”

As soon as the 49ers move on from Jimmy Garoppolo, it seems like there’s zero drama within this organization. With the talent this team has, the coaching it has, the front office it has, would a Sean McVay retirement...make the 49ers the favorites in the NFC West right now? It’s way too early, but it’s a question to be asked.”

Right now, our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook have the 49ers with the second-best odds to win the entire conference (+550). The only team ahead of them at the moment is the Rams (+450), but those odds would surely change if Sean McVay and/or Aaron Donald decide to walk away before the new season begins.

We’ll know a lot more once we get through free agency and the draft, of course, but right now, the 49ers certainly look like the most stable team in a tumultuous division.