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49ers in Five: Trey Lance practice footage leaks online

49ers Twitter eats itself alive

Everything you need to know in five minutes

For months now, we have been hearing about all of the impressive things Trey Lance has been doing in practice. Yesterday, we got to see a little proof. Niners Nation’s own Javier Vega broke 49ers Twitter with practice footage of Trey Lance doing ridiculous things with a football.

Oh, and this.

One more.

This, of course, caused a range of takes - everything from, “So what it’s only practice,” to, “Trey Lance would have won us the Super Bowl!” Those are both equally ridiculous, of course.

Clearly Trey Lance has the physical arm talent to do some damn impressive things with the football. Arm talent that 49ers fans haven’t seen from their quarterback in quite some time. Does that guarantee anything? Absolutely not. Is it totally meaningless? Absolutely not. It is simply a true statement. We don’t have to take it any further than that.

The hardest part for 49ers fans now is knowing that we have to wait months before we can see Lance get the chance to do those things regularly on the field against an actual opponent. It is nice to see actual proof of some of the “wow” plays we’ve been hearing about since December, though.