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ESPN lists Dre Greenlaw as an under-the-radar trade candidate this offseason

That’d be a surprise

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler went through potential sleeper candidates that could be traded this offseason. Names that were included were Christian McCaffrey, Calvin Ridley, and other notable stars like Michael Thomas and Xavien Howard.

Speaking of Howard, in his blurb, Fowler said, “the 49ers need corner help in the worst way.” The Niners need a playmaker on the outside. The Rams game was a painful reminder that this team is still lacking at the position.

One name I didn’t expect to see was linebacker Dre Greenlaw. So here’s what Fowler had to say:

Signed through: 2022

The 49ers paid their top linebacker, Fred Warner, $95 million over five years. Allocating resources for a second linebacker is a tough ask. Greenlaw, a 2023 free agent, has played well enough to attract some teams willing to give up a mid-to-late-round pick and extend him. The Lions are among teams that need an infusion of talent in the middle of the field.

Azeez Al-Shaair is a restricted free agent this offseason. Extending him would make a Greenlaw trade more digestible, but Al-Shaair has an injury history that didn’t go away this season. Azeez appeared in 13 games, while Greenlaw missed all but three.

I don’t know if the return for Greenlaw would be worth moving on from him. Plus, it’s not as if he’s been this 150+ tackle type of player. He’s still growing as a player. And while Greenlaw’s has a high ceiling, his contract extension wouldn’t be out of the Niners price range.

Would you move on from Greenlaw? If so, what would be the draft compensation that you’d accept?