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Golden Nuggets: Offseason Boredom Fueling The Rumor Mill

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, February 20, 2022

Mike Florio predicts Brady will be starting QB for 49ers

“I’m telling you, it’s unavoidable. He’s not gonna lower himself to have to dirty himself the way Aaron Rodgers is. He’s gonna work it all behind the scenes. I just ... I think he’s gonna be with the 49ers Week 1. I’m rooting for that so badly.”

Why the 49ers Could Let D.J. Jones Walk in Free Agency

“The 49ers need to finally hit on their hefty first-round investment on Kinlaw. Rather than cashing out Jones as he rightfully deserves, the 49ers can elect to let him walk or at least test the market. Since they have Kinlaw returning, they don’t necessarily have to be pressed to retain Jones.”

49ers need to prioritize their secondary in free agency

“The San Francisco 49ers may need to consider targeting upcoming free-agent cornerbacks like J.C. Jackson or veteran Stephon Gilmore this offseason in an effort to strengthen their secondary and overall defensive unit in 2022.”